Understanding Faith

The great Yogi Gyalwa Ensapa said that all spiritual experiences, great and small, depend upon faith. Since faith is the root of all attainments, it should be our main practice.

In Kadampa Buddhism we identify three types of faith: admiring faith, believing faith, and wishing faith. All three are already in our life to some extent; they naturally arise in our day to day life. Recognising this gives us confidence that it’s not so difficult to develop faith in our spiritual practice and thus our spiritual practice will become stronger.

Join Todd on this course to explore what Gyalwa Ensapa meant and find where the strength in our practice could be coming from.

This course is open to everyone and everyone can benefit from it.


Todd Arseneau studies on the Teacher Training Program at KMC Fraser Valley. He is a down-to-earth, practical teacher with many examples from his experience with applying meditation in daily life as a school teacher and father of 2 boys.

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    Saturday, April 30

    These occasional online courses are open to everyone.

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