Building Resilience

We live in uncertain times, facing difficulties in the workplace, family life, society and in the world as a whole.  We know human life is difficult and we all encounter problems we cannot avoid.  At these times in our life we sometimes cope, but unfortunately we sometimes crumble or fall apart.

Resilience refers to our ability to adapt to challenges in life. Everyone of every age needs the personal and mental ability to adapt and cope with stress and adversity.

In these classes, Mike will explain through meditation and practical examples, helpful Buddhist advice that we can easily apply in our everyday life, giving us the confidence to face full on whatever life brings.

No previous experience is needed – everyone is welcome!

March 29 Staying strong in an uncertain world 
April 5  
April 12 
Love, the great protector
April 19 
The truth of impermanence
April 26 Enjoying a calm clear mind
In May these classes are shifting to Thursday evenings!


Mike Boudreau lives and works in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. He has been a sincere and dedicated practitioner in the Kadampa Tradition of Buddhism for over eight years, studying, teaching, and volunteering his time at KMCFV.

He is a popular teacher who enjoys sharing his experience of meditation with others. We are fortunate to have him as our branch teacher in Salmon Arm.


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