Living Lightly

This series will explore how to recognise and let go of negative, heavy states of mind that weigh us down and obstruct our happiness. Instead we will learn how to develop and maintain lighter, more positive states of mind that bring us tremendous energy and joy in daily life.

Through guided meditation and teachings we can explore the very real choices we have to free ourselves from worry, stress, anger and jealousy and instead develop our patience, acceptance, joy and inner peace. 

We will learn how to shine the light of spiritual wisdom onto our problems and difficulties. In this way we can experience an inner freedom and bring a new clarity and lightness to our life that will bring happiness and benefit to both ourself and others.

Everybody welcome!

June 1 How meditation overcomes worry – with Mike
June 8
An alternative to anger and blame – with Gen Delek
June 15 The power and peace of patient acceptance – with Mike
June 22 How an awareness of our mortality lightens our life – with Gen Delek
June 29 How to transform feelings of jealousy – with Mike


Gen Kelsang Delek is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, of which the Salmon Arm group is a branch. Originally from England she has studied and practiced Kadampa Buddhism for over 30 years, teaching internationally in England, Japan and Canada. She has lived and taught in Canada since 1997. We are very fortunate to have her teaching the Salmon Arm classes this summer.

Mike Boudreau is the branch teacher in Salmon Arm and he will teach the Thursday classes from time to time. He lives and works in Salmon Arm. He has been a sincere and dedicated practitioner in the Kadampa Tradition of Buddhism for over eight years, studying, teaching, and volunteering his time at KMCFV.

He is a popular teacher who enjoys sharing his experience of meditation with others. We are very fortunate to have Mike teaching in Salmon Arm.

Salmon Arm Thursdays

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