Kadampa Meditation Centre Fraser Valley is run completely through the kindness of volunteers.

Members of the community volunteer their time to provide all of the facilities that the Centre offers, including Buddhist study and meditation programs throughout the year ranging from short general program classes to week-long meditation retreats and large national festivals.

Everything – from the cleaning and maintenance of the Centre to the preparation of baked goods and homemade soups – is done by volunteers.

Why Volunteer at KMC Fraser Valley?

It is easy and flexible. There are many different types of job that will fit whatever skills and time availability you have.

It’s a great way to be part of this warm, supportive, joyful community.

You’ll feel that you are doing something so beneficial: what could be more meaningful than giving thousands of people the opportunity to find happiness from inner peace?

Here are a few of our volunteer jobs available at the moment. More jobs arriving daily 🙂

  • Assisting at classes and courses
  • Managing our social media presence
  • Fundraising
  • Baking for special classes & events
  • Distributing publicity (posters, fliers)
  • Designing posters and ads

If you feel you have any of these skills–or other special skills to offer–please contact Sharon, Education Program Coordinator, or Jill, Administrative Director, to find out more.