International Temples Project

building Temples for world peace

The International Temples Project was founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, with the aim to introduce the Buddhist faith and practice of the New Kadampa Tradition publicly, and to exemplify contemporary Buddhist practice through service to the public. It presently achieves this through building Temples, meditation and retreat centres; renovating existing buildings to create modern city Temples; and through the activities of world peace cafés and Tharpa Publications.

Venerable Geshe-la has described the International Temples Project as ‘a beautiful gift for future generations.’

‘Just looking at a Temple with a happy mind places good imprints on our mind and brings inner peace. Through the power of this special object, problems such as anger and attachment are reduced.’

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

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KMC Fraser Valley is a non-profit organization registered with the British Columbia Society Act, and with Revenue Canada as a Registered Charity.

Our Charity number is 802 509 349 RR0001

KMC Fraser Valley began as a small branch of KMC Vancouver. Kelsang Sanden drove out after work every Tuesday and taught a dedicated group of people gathered at Legal Grounds Coffee House in Downtown Abbotsford.

It grew quickly from those humble beginnings. In the next few years they began an in-depth study program, the FP and started branch classes in Langley.

In 2006 Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso gave the group the name Dorjechang Kadampa Buddhist Centre and Kelsang Sanden was appointed Resident Teacher.

In 2016 it became Kadampa Meditation Centre Fraser Valley with a bigger regional and international focus. In early 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic we gave up our public space in Abbotsford and began operating out of a small residential apartment.

Our big vision for the future is to buy our own property for our Centre. We are actively working towards that now.

Everyone who gets to know Kadampa Meditation Centre Fraser Valley feels inspired by this peaceful and harmonious community that is dedicated to the happiness and wellbeing of all living beings.

Our kind volunteers give freely of their time to organize classes, care for people with kindness, make good publicity, teach at the Centre or its branches, and start new groups and branches. We have many qualified meditation practitioners and Teachers at this Centre.