Post Summer Festival Retreat

This retreat is on lamrim which means ‘stages of the path to enlightenment’. It is a series of clear, step-by-step meditations that show us how to progress on the spiritual path to enlightenment in a way that is perfectly suited to our modern lives.

The retreat is based on the teachings and meditations given in Week One of the 2023 NKT International Summer Festival in England. You do not need to have attended the Summer Festival in order to attend this retreat; Gen Delek will explain and guide each meditation.

From Tuesday to Friday (Part One of the retreat) we will engage in the first two stages of lamrim: initial and middling scope meditations, on basic Buddhist view, meditation and action.

From Friday afternoon to Sunday (Part Two of the retreat) we will engage in the third stage of lamrim: great scope meditations on the joyful path of a Bodhisattva.

Centre members are welcome to part one, part two, or to the whole retreat.


Gen Kelsang Delek is the Resident Teacher of KMC Fraser Valley. Her extensive experience and excellent example are well appreciated by her students. With her practical approach and clear explanations of even the most profound of Buddha’s teachings, Gen Delek inspires us to put Dharma into practice in our daily lives.

  • Where


    Due to worsening air quality, restrictions on non-essential travel, and safety concerns related to BC’s state of emergency, we are no longer able to offer this retreat in person in Salmon Arm. Instead, we will be livestreaming the retreat from our Centre in Abbotsford, in the Fraser Valley. Centre Members are welcome to attend the retreat online or in person in Abbotsford.

    This retreat is now open to members only. You are welcome to become a member and attend. For more information, visit our membership tab.

  • Dates

    Tuesday – Sunday 22-27 August 2023
    Part One: Tuesday eve – Friday lunchtime, 22-25
    Part Two: Friday eve – Sunday lunchtime, 25-27

  • Schedule

    Part One

    Tuesday 22

    7:00pm Introduction

    Wednesday 23

    Thursday 24 

    Friday 25 
    9:00am-10:30pm Offering to the Spiritual Guide prayers.
    Free time

    Part Two



    Saturday 26

    Sunday 27
    Retreat finishes with lunch

  • Prayers and books

    Each session will begin with a talk, followed by chanted prayers, then a meditation and will conclude with dedication prayers.

    We will be using Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s books Modern Buddhism and The Mirror of Dharma. The Sadhana (prayers) is Heart Jewel.

  • Cost

    Members Full Retreat Online: $75.00

    Members Full Retreat In-person: $100.00

    Members Weekend Only Online: $37.50

    Members Weekend Only: $50.00

  • Food

    Between the 3rd and 4th sessions each day we will provide a light supper. On Sunday we will provide a barbecue lunch. Refreshments are provided throughout the day.

  • How to register

    Register using the button below. This retreat is being offered in person and online for Members only.

    If you wish to attend, please consider becoming a member. You can learn more about that at our Membership tab.

    Please register as early as possible to help us make arrangements for the retreat.

    Please note that our system is not automated, so you will not receive a response to your booking immediately.

    Any questions, please phone 604-853-3738 or email

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