Becoming a Bodhisattva

This course taught by Gen Delek is following the book Meaningful to Behold which is a commentary to the powerful and much-loved poem, Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life by the 8th century Buddhist master, Shantideva.

We are currently studying Chapter 9: the perfection of wisdom and Chapter 10: dedication.

Class format
The Liberating Prayer
Praise to Manjushri

Dedication prayers


Gen Kelsang Delek is the Resident Teacher of KMC Fraser Valley. Her extensive experience and excellent example are well appreciated by her students. With her practical approach and clear explanations of even the most profound of Buddha’s teachings, Gen Delek inspires us to put Dharma into practice in our daily lives.

  • When

    Sundays, 9:00-10:30am

    Followed by Wishfulfilling Jewel prayers at 11am most Sundays. Everyone is welcome to join this. There is no charge for prayers.

  • Weekly titles

    Shantideva’s Chapter 9 is profound; we recommend that you read ahead before each class! Please note that these page numbers and subjects may change slightly as we proceed through the chapter.

    April 17 no class – Easter weekend
    April 24 no class – refuge retreat this weekend
    May 1 Dependent relationship
    May 8 The emptiness of phenomena
    May 29 Encouraging the practitioner to strive to develop this wisdom
    June 5 Chapter 10 – Dedication

    We have finished the book! In September we will start a new book; we haven’t yet decided which one.

  • Cost

    $15 per class
    Free for members

  • Attending by livestream

    You can register using the button below.

    Please register as far ahead of time as possible. After you have registered, you will be sent a link to access the class on Zoom

    Please note that our system is not automated: it depends upon our registrar sending you the link. This means you won’t receive the link immediately. Please know that we have received your registration and the link will be sent to you before the class.

    Any problems: phone 604 853 3738 or email


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